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Euroa Motor Inn




Sevens Avenue Guest House 



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Marraweeny Olive Grove Cottage



Frequently asked questions

Which accommdation in Euroa is closest to the Euroa Buttery Factory

Euroa Motor Inn is the closest accommodation provider to the Euroa Butter Factory. It is just 1.3km away and a 2 minute drive!

How do I contact a host?

There are a variety of ways you can contact a host. You can choose to call or email them directly by pressing the respective buttons at the bottom of each listing. Alternatively, you can email the team at Accommodation Euroa and we can search for hosts that are willing to accommodate your stay.

Are there any house rentals available for wedding guests?

Yes, there are plenty of house rentals for wedding guests to choose from. Please email us with your group size and sleeping arrangements and we'll be sure to contact all relevant hosts.

Where is Euroa?