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Euroa Music Festival

Festival Crowd

The inaugural Euroa Music Festival will be one of the largest events to be held in Euroa. Individuals will be able to group together and relish upcoming artists within the Euroa township. Several historical venues will be holding the various 35+ musical acts, this event is a must for both locals and individuals afar. Venues include the Euroa Butter Factory, Euroa Hotel, Seven Creeks Hotel and Northern Republic. There will be an assortment of free live perfomance events taking place in the main street. Current dates for the event are the 16th- 18th of October, 2020. This event will benefit a variety of stakeholders such as emerging artists, euroa township, restaurants, shops, art exhibits and accommodation providers during the 3 day event. The Euroa farmers market will also be held on the Sunday, allowing for greater exposure to the monthly market.

View more information on the Euroa Music Festival website

 Euroa Accommodation  

Accommodation near Euroa Music Festival

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